The author of this blog, I am a reader who loves horses. I tend to be loyal, deep thinking, and calm. I take no nonsense from everyone and am imminently practical. I am a planner. I live by lists. I try to stay organized in a house where kid-made chaos reigns. I love to search for things on the internet, mostly things to buy. My favorite place to be is on the back of a horse. I started lessons when I was 13 and rode through college. I even trained my own horse in college (got an A in that class) and was a horseback riding instructor in another life. Sadly, since the kids were born, I haven’t had much time to ride. Instead of riding, I read mountains of books (when I can!) and write in this blog. I have an unspoken goal to write every single day for a year.

He is Mr. Fix it. He can figure out the mechanical workings of anything. He is very precise in all that he does. He is a kind and loving father, a fun husband, and tall to boot! He works as an engineer and is one of the smartest people I know. Love him! (He says that he likes long walks and breakfast foods, in case anyone was wondering.)

Our beautiful baby girl, Butterfly is full of vim and vigor. She lives her life in a story and loves to imagine life is a fairy tale. Her energy knows no limits, and neither do her dimples. Her one of a kind green eyes will knock your socks off and her winning personality brings her to the forefront of any situation. She loves anything orange or blue (go Broncos!) and is super tall.

Our tall little man, he is twin #1 and what a personality! He is my instigator in most of the sticky situations I find the kids in. He is quiet yet demanding and keeps me on my toes. He loves to suck his thumb and carry his blanket around; our own little Linus. He doesn’t say much yet but can say “uh-oh” with gusto.

Our little guy, he is twin #2 and the smallest of the group. With his bright blue eyes and dimpled smile, he is our Sunshine! He has a very easy going attitude when his mommy is around. He can be moody and pouts with the best of them when he doesn’t get his way. His favorite sayings are “Car! Ball! Truck!” and “Where Mommy go?”