Vacuum Sealing Lunches In Advance For Kids

Vacuum Sealing Lunches In Advance For Kids

Find it hard to get all the lunch ready for your kids along with morning breakfast, mommy and wife duties and running late for work? Consider vacuum sealing lunches for your kids in advance. It saves time and is super handy for working mothers.

Why Should You Vacuum Seal Lunches in Advance?

There are definitely a few reasons why you should seal lunches in advance for your kids. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

  1. It just saves so much of your precious time. What else can you possible ask for then to make the mornings seem a little less hectic? It is a great way to utilize your weekend and plan ahead for the week.
  2. Thinking of what to give your child for lunch every day is not fun. So you might just spend two hours on Sunday doing it rather than every single night of the week.
  3. The vacuum locks out all air from the bag which helps to ensure the freshness of the food. So basically you are giving away good health to your child. That is exactly what mothers are for!

What Can You Pack Up?

Even if you are finally convinced to pack the lunch for your kids in advance, it is still a challenge to figure out what you can seal that will not rot or smell throughout the week. Here are a few great lunch meal tips that are quick and easy to pack up, will not rot throughout the week and the kids will surely love the variety too!

  • Frozen Bananas

It might be hard to believe but a frozen banana is basically the first thing that should go into the vacuum seal. Rich in fiber, it is the air that makes the bananas go all black. So a frozen fruit that is sealed in a vacuum bag is never going to go bad. Kids love bananas too so you are surely playing a safe card here.

  • Chocolates

We all love chocolates and kids downright adore them. So you need to put it into the seal bag and lock it away for the week. It will be the best sweet treat for your child in school but make sure you don’t pack more than one; for health’s sake.

  • Nuts

Nuts are the one thing that children usually miss out on most but should have a lot of them. Nuts are great for the brain development and they will not rot. You might not even need to seal them away but you can just throw a few in the bags nevertheless.

  • Crisps

They already come inside a vacuum bag so it is practically an indication that they will not go bad and are eatable for a very long time. So why not give them to your kids to enjoy as a treat in lunch break? This is surely one lunch bag that your kids will love and will keep them full for long too.